Black Tourmaline mini set (Protection, Grounding, Vitality)


Origin: Brazil 

Black Tourmaline also commonly known as black schorl, is a Stone of Protection. Black Tourmaline helps one to remain focus on task especially if you constantly feel scattered or feel pulled off center. Hearing if people around you are envious or jealous of you, use Black Tourmaline to shield. Black Tourmaline due to its pyroelectric trait, helps shield against EMF from electronic devices.

Healing: if you find yourself not being able to trust self, people or situations- great to work with Black Tourmaline. Deeper meditation with Black tourmaline can help one uncover subconscious reasons for negative actions or reactions toward others. 

Usage: Mini pieces are used for protection in jewelery bag, handbags, or to use as gridding or even to keep it in a pouch that you can easily bring out. 

Available: 1 bag containing 50g of Black Tourmaline (approx. 8 pieces and above)

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