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FIT12 Fitty The Sanctuary Collective (Mat Cover)

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$39.90 SGD

Say goodbye to:

- back pimples popping up from all the grime and dirt on your workout mat

- exhaustive, tedious cleaning up of your mat after every work out

- yoga towels that crumple up halfway through

- slippery surfaces (especially when you perspire)

Each set comes with:

A Mat Cover

Designed exclusively for Fitty by local mixed media artist Aida Haron

Material: Microfibre Suede

Dimension: 68 cm by 183 cm (fits all standard size yoga mats)

4 corner pockets to slot and secure the yoga mat beneath

A Sports Towel

Material: Microfibre Suede

Dimension: 100 cm x 30 cm (perfectly portable for all your workout sessions!)

Great For:

- as a anti-slip towel for extra grip/friction especially during your workouts

- double the absorbency, half the weight of your usual sports towel

- Small but mighty, this gorgeous towel will be your favourite BFF for all your sweat sesh!

Comes with:

- Mesh storage bag for easy and hygienic packing, which can be upcycled as a laundry wash bag!

- A complimentary artist feature and mat care guide