Natural Citrine Tumbled (Wealth, Luck, Confidence)



Origin: Brazil, Araçuaí
Any treatment: No 

It is rare to find natural citrine being tumbled and then polished into tumbles because citrine is scarce and it is at times too fragile. 

Citrine also commonly known as a merchant stone is called the Stone of Abundance. This is because Citrine helps one to connect back to your gut instinct, balance out solar plexus chakra. It also helps to reconnect back to source or rather heal the connection of disconnect/separation woundings. This in turn stimulate confidence and self-knowing towards achieving goals and trusting your own intuition that comes forth. I always feel that Citrine helps one to understand Divine Will (ur true organic soul self’s will) and allow the energy to work itself.

Healing: If you used to purely survive on freewill; u will feel a push towards some clarity around the personation you are trying to be. This is important because Citrine requires the balancing act of Divine Will and Freewill. ⠀

Usage: Keep a piece of tumbled citrine with you, be it in wallet or your mini bag. Intent and work with the citrine before any work situations. 

Available: Large (1 tumble) primary pic shown, (3 cm to 4.5cm)
Medium (2x mediumn tumbles in a set) (2.5cm to 3cm)

Disclaimer: A lot of citrine tumbles in the market are heat treated. Heat treated citrines work if your bazi is weak in the element of Fire but other than that it is just an amethyst/quartz with added Fire element. It isn’t Citrine.

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