Pink Amethyst Moon (Balance, Love, Intuition)


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Origin: Brazil 

Pink Amethyst will help a lot with instilling correct “knowing” and in achieving emotional balance peace. I find that Pink Amethyst helps to increase intuition without destabilising your root chakra and in return u will continuously expand your heart chakra; even activating the upper heart chakra.

Our upper heart is also very connected to our immune system so this is why when you are unhappy/ moody, it’s easier to fall sick. Or when you experience heartache or grief, you lose your appetite. Our upper heart is the key not only to our intuitive senses and also to our source self of Divine Compassion and Uncondiitonal Love.

Healing: There’s this energy of beauty and harmony these moons can help you shift into and achieve. Working with these moons will help you to discern areas in your life where you are self-sabotaging despite the discipline of keeping up with outer beauty/mannerisms/outlooks. Sometimes we think we need a recharge but we ended up exhausting ourselves too much- the root issue is to release some of the fixation on so called priorities so that we don’t even get exhausted in the first place.


Moon 1: 331g

Moon 2: 330g

Moon 3: 318g

Moon 4: 315g

Moon 5: 277g


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