Stone bracelet Love Fortune and Repel evil



● Protects against all kinds of evil and unfortunate events

● Helps calm you down to be at peace. By placing it under your pillow, you will have a great sleep

 ✨Pink Chalcedony

● Cleanses negative energy and develops good vibes

● lowers stress, anger, and anxiety

✨Sillver Stone

● Expands your prosperity, fortune, and wealth

✨Pink Tourmaline 

● Improves your love life and opens up your heart with compassion and trust


📿 SIZE 15-16  cm



After receiving harmenstone, you can just wear it right away and make a wish for things you desire

(should be something specific and you can make a wish everyday as many times as you want)



Harmenstone should be kept in the jewelry box and not in inappropriate place (I.e. on the floor) if the bracelet is all stone, you can wash it with water.

However, you need to avoid water if there's metal in bracelet anduse one drop of coconut oil on a towel to clean it instead.