Uplift 6-inch Shorts



Our Design Inspo:

Don't we all love a high-waisted, camel-toe free pair of bike shorts in the softest and most buttery fabric? Warning: you might be addicted to wearing them once you've put them on! 6-inch is the perfect length that ends mid-thigh, not too long for the petite, not too short for the lanky. They are so fun to style, you can wear them casual, or as dress them up sporty chic!

Wear it to:

All workouts (suitable for low, medium and high-intensity exercises)

Activity types: e.g. Dancing, hiking, strength training, yoga, brisk-walking, Crossfit, HIIT, Running, Spinning, Bounce

Why we love it: 

4-way stretch

Super lightweight

Buttery soft texture


High-waisted , yet not cut into the waist 

Design & Fit:

6-inch, ends mid-thigh.

Styling tips:

Pair it as a set with either Uplift Freedom or Uplift Ultimate bra! Layer a shirt, crop top, vest or even a fancier top over for some street chic. 



Product Care:

Wash coloured clothing separately prior to first wear.

Place your activewear in a washing net for machine-wash.

Please do not use softeners on your activewear (not required, and it may damage the elasticity of the fabric)

Hang dry, avoid direct sunlight


- 80% Nylon 20% spandex (all recycled yarn)

- Each Kint shorts is made of 5 recycled plastic bottles

Our fabrics are Global Recycle Standard and Standard100 (OEKO-TEX®) certified.